6 Week Make Up Course

Get the Instagram look 


This course is for beginners or current Makeup Artists looking to strengthen their skills. You will learn 6 Instagram makeup looks. On completion of this course you will be able to receive your  15% off M.A.C Cosmetics plus workshop in M.A.C store.  

This course includes a start kit of Final Checks 7 piece brush set. Brush kits will be given on the first day of the course.  You will also receive a Final Checks Certificate.



Course Content

Health and safety practices, skin care, the correct use of tools and products, the principles of lighting and shading in make-up, as well as colour mixing and blending, the application of bases, and beauty make-up for day and evening. You will also cover corrective make-up (contouring and face shaping). You will learn the techniques for commercial and editorial fashion and beauty work. You will focus on key skills such as how to achieve perfect dewy skin, smokey eyes, glitter cat eyes, Cut Crease eyes, apply a perfect eyeliner, lashes, and lips, and essential product knowledge. Learn how to apply strip and individual lashes to suit different eye shapes. Learn how to measure and apply the correct way without smudging any of your makeup and making your client feel comfortable on application.

Course will include the following:

  • Black Smokey eye

  • Cut Crease

  • Glitter eye makeup

  • Contouring

  • Colourful eyes

  • Eyelash application

  • Highlighting

  • Application for lips

  • Application for eyeliner

  • Brows

Course information

Day: Tuesday evening

Times: 7pm till 9pm

Course Cost: £390.00 Deposit £100.00 to secure your place. 

Dates available: 

May 7th - 11th June 2019 

Course price includes certificate on completion, all products and equipment provided throughout the course, a set of Final Checks brushes for you to keep.

Your certificate will take 4-6 weeks to which will be posted to the address you booked this course with during checkout. 



Q: Do I need a certificate or license to do make-up?
A: No.  An individual is NOT required to have a license to do make-up. A make-up license does not exist. Therefore no school is bestowed the authority to grant a license for make-up. Makeup artists should check with their county.

Q: So why are there so many schools promising certificates and licenses for make-up?
A: They are advertising such promises to tacitly and indirectly assert that you could not do make-up without a certificate. Truth is that a certificate doesn't give one more rights than another without it. 

Q: So I don't need a license or certificate to do make-up? 
A: No, you don't need a certificate to do makeup professionally. You will need a certificate if you wanted insurance. 

Q: Do you provide a certificate at the end of the course?
A: Yes, a certificate that states you have studied make-up under Danielle Everitt at Final Checks Studio. But if a certificate is the only reason you want to attend a makeup school, this course might not be right for you. Your certificate will take 4-6 weeks to which will be posted to the address you booked this course with during checkout. 

Q: Why should I attend your course and not some other school?
A: Because of Danielle Everitts techniques. She has worked with some of the biggest celebrities and biggest companies in the world and she does know the reality of the make-up industry first hand, as she lives it everyday. 

Q: So how do I become a great makeup artist?
A: Technically speaking, practice, practice and practice. We have noticed that in every field whether it's painting, photography, filmmaking... the only way to become good is to practice. The more you practice the better you become in your craft. Danielle can teach you how  and on what to specifically practice and how the industry works but at the end of the day it's all up to the individual to pick up the brush and practice

Q: Is the makeup for the class provided?
A: Yes. A list of products will be given to the students to help the build their kit.

Q: Do I get a kit?
A: Final Checks makeup brush set will be included.  

Q: Do I need to buy makeup for the course?
A: The school will provide students with makeup for in class use only. However a short list of sanitary supplies will be given for students toinvest for their kit.

Q: Is there a payment plan ?
A: Yes. We take a £100.00 deposit to which secures your position on the course, Deposit is non re-fundable. 
The remainder will need to be pay 14 days before course commence. A pro-forma will be sent to each individual.